Opening doors for the next generation.

Superhand’s purpose is to open doors for the next generation.


We believe in creating innovative solutions that drive success.

Superhand is a platform designed to facilitate connections, earning opportunities, and learning experiences between the next generation and top employers.

Our behaviours.

We recognise that individual values are unique, so rather than requesting adherence to a preset list of values, we invite everyone to embrace our behaviors while contributing their personal values to our community.
Foster Empowerment
We provide the tools, opportunities, and support necessary for individuals to take charge of their development, encouraging autonomy while offering the resources needed for their personal and professional growth.
Champion Inclusivity
We believe that a diverse team is a strong team. By valuing and integrating a variety of perspectives, we create a welcoming space for innovation, collaboration, and collective success.
Promote Transparency
Honesty is at the core of our operations. We practice open communication, share knowledge freely, and commit to being transparent in our actions, fostering a culture of trust and integrity.

Our co-founders.

Meet the visionaries behind our mission. Our co-founders blend passion with purpose, charting a course toward empowering the next generation.


January 2020

We founded the company because we are passionate about supporting the next generation and helping them advance in their careers and skills.

The company was co-founded by Jack Parsons and Leon Marseglia.

March 2021

We've reached a major milestone: 100,000 connections between members and employers!

May 2023

We launched our new platform to amplify our impact across the UK, aiming to grow our community and enhance brand partnerships.

March 2024

We're evolving! To embrace inclusivity and expand our reach, we're transitioning from to Superhand. While "youth" has been at our core, we're broadening our horizons to welcome everyone aged 18 to 30 and beyond.

Superhand represents our commitment to empowerment, strength, and support for young adults aiming for success. This change marks a new chapter in our journey to break age barriers and unite diverse individuals. Join us as we grow and make an impact with Superhand!